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Caring  for your Roses

The Charlotte is the highest quality rose available on the market today. Its large, beautifully formed bud and velvet petals establish the lush presence that has made it justifiably famous. While Charlotte is characteristically softer than other roses, proper car will provide a longer vase life. 
Tips for caring for your roses: If your roses arrive in plastic water tubes, remove them immediately – there’s not enough water to sustain life. ​
These roses arrive with “Mother Nature’s” protective “guard petals,” please remove3 theme when needed. Often, they are left on to protect the valuable petals underneath.
Remove any leaves that will be under water, taking care not to cut through or scrape the green bark on the stem.
While holding each stem under water, cut an inch diagonally off the end and immediately place roses in a clean, deep vase of lukewarm water. Remember, add a packet of floral preservative.
Check water daily and make sure you keep it full, clear and fresh.

Keep your roses in a cool place, out of direct sun and out of drafts. Also, do not place your roses on the television or any other appliance that radiates heat.
If a rose starts to wilt prematurely, fill a sink or tub with lukewarm water and re-cut the stem again under water. Hold the entire rose under water for about an hour (you can place a glass on top of the stem to help.) Then, return the rose to your arrangement.

The arrival condition of the Charlotte rose is a little different than the Visa, DelBard and other popular varieties. The rose-head may appear to be a little softer than you are use to seeing with other roses. This is normal. Follow the care instructions listed above for the best results.

​These roses generally open and hold up beautifully, provided all preventative measures on our Rose Care instructions are followed.


Perfect for every occasion

Roses are perfect for every occasion. Here are few examples of roses we have on hand or can custom order just for you.  

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